We are very proud of what we have achieved to date, and to keep you informed of what we speak, we have put at your disposal the latest demo of Defense Crane, which was presented at the Euskal Encounter this year. They aren’t all the mechanics of the final game, but we believe that as it stands, this demo is funny enough and replayable so you can get an idea of what you are going to find when the game is finished.

You can download the demo from this link. We hope you enjoy it!!

Thank youThe new Defense Crane (version demo includes:

-Interface and menus adapted to RV and gameplay on monitor

-Complete tutorial to learn how to operate the crane

-Minigame «Launches the Robot» to practice your skills

-Two levels of play with several waves

The demo has been compiled with SDK 0.7 of Oculus, so it is recommended to update the runtime to the latest version.

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